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    Crafting - Tayloring


    At the start of your Tayloring-Skills you can work with these Mats.
    Acrylic, Cotton, Denim, Polyester and Wool

    Only Wool and Polyester has got the "Fabric Option" u donīt need anything to create a Wool Fabric and a Polyester Fabric....strange

    And how do i get the other "Fabrics"?

    Btw. i miss to scroll the list....only have the 2 Arrows to press.

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    Re:Crafting - Tayloring

    You dont make any of the fabrics at the moment, you pick them up when you are on the resources scrap heap.

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    Re:Crafting - Tayloring

    That was a bug that allowed you to produce fabric without any resources. I believe it has been fixed now. Now you should be able to find all of the necessary fabrics in junk piles.

    By whicker at 2010-04-12

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