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    Why do you play Xsyon?

    Why do you play Xsyon? What are your favorite features / things to do?
    What do you dislike, wish was different, or want to be added?

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    I play because I can have my own place in the game. Its fun to have your own land. And the game is always improving.

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    I play Xsyon for the freedom it offers. I can, like stated above, have my own place, shape the land, build whatever I want. I interact with developers that truly care about their game and are striving to make the best game possible while still taking time to CONSTANTLY communicate with the playerbase.

    I love the community here as well.

    I wish there was a better animal AI and more options for hazard in the world. I think it feels too safe at the moment. An increase in population might change that drastically. And, like a lot of the community, I'd like things to fight for. Rare resources, maybe nodes in areas that need to be defended, and a modification to the cart/encumbrance system. The upcoming changes satisfy the rest of my wants (public land is public land - no locks, etc on things there and totem decay, people needing to interact and work together [skill caps etc]).

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    It is a unique game which allows and relies on player base influence. While it has a long ways to go before some could enjoy it, I find it much more enjoyable than a linear path/amusement park style game.

    "Here to help the community, save the newbs, save the game!" - Creator

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    Xsyon?....its my REAL LIFE.I love it forever...and ...its better then MINECRAFT! ...

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    Ive been playing Xsyon for only a few days now. I absolutley enjoy the chalenge of haveing to survive and build something from nothing. There are so many things that a person can do. Ive been playing for hours everyday since i started and i just can't get enough. It i didn't have to work i don't think i'd ever get off the game.

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