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    New Patch Screenshot - Joke not actual screenshot

    I wanted to do this for humour, this is not a complaint, I am very happy with the new patch and glad to see it. But I was extremely amused by my new HP of 16. I find it a terrific challenge, a need to skill up some more, and prepare to wait for those lovely archery bows.


    Hampster: Sneak Attack 3 points dmg.
    Crazy Hermit: Crafts Supreme Foragers Chisel. 0 dmg.
    Hampster: Nut Buster 7 points dmg. Critical hit!!!
    Crazy Hermit: Swings Fishing Pole! Miss!
    Hampster: Chews basket 3 points dmg.
    Crazy Hermit: Steps on Hampster 10 points dmg.
    Hampster: Squeaks for Aid. Calls out to hampster swarm... 3!3!3!3!3!3! dmg!


    Your Party has failed... GAME OVER!

    "Here to help the community, save the newbs, save the game!" - Creator

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    ROFL..this is great. Good fun Creator!

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    hehe, nice
    The truth will set you free....but first it will realy piss you off !!

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    lol.. I will pay money to see that fight

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    Yeah that's funny lol

    Thanks Creator!

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