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    Question Character stats/Attributes

    Now that the new patch is in and we have the ability to re-distribute our character stats I was looking for an accurate description of which attributes affect which skills and abilities. The Xsyon manual has not been updated in over a year, and the Xsyon wiki has the same basic information as the manual. I am assuming that some of these attributes have been changed to address the continued balancing of the game. Then I found Tybor's chart under this thread

    Kudos to Tybor for this very nicely done "Skills and Stats Relation chart.
    I wanted to ask since it contradicts the Xsyon manual in some places if everyone agrees to it's accuracy (No offense Tybor) and if so can we get this sticky'd somewhere in the forum? It will definitely make choosing where to move attributes much easier as well it can help new players decide which stats to choose on character creation.

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    I took the liberty of copying Tybors jpg to re-post here.

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    No offense to him but that list is pretty much worthless unless you know which stat is primary.

    You can easy fix it, but I wanted to let people know that the primary stat is by far the most important part to worry about. (I believe its 3:1 effective)

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    His information came from X's post in the same thread ( - Post #3). So the information is legit as far as I know. DDT is right though, a bit of tweaking to indicate primary/secondary for each would make it just about perfect.

    Edit: Removed my stuff...gj Tybor!

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    Much thanks for all the credits , but no need for it.

    I updated the sheet according to Shill's suggestion and changed the group calculations according to MrDDT's weighting.
    Attached image and ODF file for anyone who wants to use it (though i will keep updating it with corrections or improvements myself).


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    Great job Tybor! Nice to see someone trying to help others understand this stuff. I made one myself yesterday and am using it. It is working well and helps when trying to explain to others as well. I'm glad you posted this. Xsyon needed this! You have done a fantastic job! Thx!

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