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Thread: Xsyon Fan Sites

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuideRaguel View Post

    An Official Wiki site has been created.
    We're not ready to release it yet, as we need to make some alterations.
    But its about 90% ready.

    ETA is by the end of July. But hopefully much sooner.

    We will Announce it on the forums and email everyone once its ready for players input.

    Thank you.
    This is great news. I was just starting to realise how big this project actually was I'd still do it if no one else did, but it's better for all if the guides do this (more experience in Xsyon).

    If you need a design review or SEO input let me know(free ofcourse).

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuideRaguel View Post
    Current Fan Site List
    After a couple weeks of becoming invested in this game and trying to learn more about this
    game I noticed a few things I'd like to discuss. As the title states, Xsyon Fan Sites. So other
    than the two already noted here, where are the rest? This game has so much to offer with the
    potential to over so much more! But we need to get out and show our support. I have recently
    added a section to the Gaming Community I own and run just for Xsyon. If you know of any
    tribe or fan sites please post them here. Maybe there is something there that might inspire someone
    else to make an awesome fan site, but we need you to make this happen. Thanks!

    Update: I did find a couple active Tribe webpage, Ravenmoon A Better Tomorrow
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    A while back I started making a "social calendar". It is still a work in progress and I'd like to invite other players to contribute and get involved. My intention and hope is to help encourage and spread the word about player created events and interactions such as trade, as well as promote the game generally.

    There is a space for advertising your trade totems and what is currently for sale on them. I also would like to request from fellow players, send me your screenshots and nominations for building of the month (along with stories, pictures or details of any other cool stuff you have found/seen/experienced in game!). I want to celebrate all the awesome architecture that I have seen on my travels.

    You may also advertise your tribe, etc.

    Anyone who wants to add something can PM me, use the contact form on the site or whisper in game; Kataya on Peace server, Hedera on War.

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    Great site, Blaberg. I like the ideas.

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    Thanks so much Tonkala!

    I have added quite a bit of content now and also tweaked a few things. There is a newsletter that peope can subscribe to (hint hint) and I have posted the first two Featured Building Tours, so come and check out how WambliLuta and Sylvie live. I am looking for nominations for what to feature next, so if you have seen a beautiful/impressive/creative/quirky build, let me know and I will happily promote it on the site.

    Also as always, send me your goods&services adverts, event information, tribe advertisements... any player created content that you want to show off, including your best screenshots!

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    I have made a site for our tribe it can be found here

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