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    Getting Started

    Hi! I'm Breezy and I'm new to the game. So far, I love it. I'm been roaming around looking for a good place to settle. I think I'm going to go the Homestead route. I talked to someone else the other day who said that they trade, chat and more with a lot of people and they are a Homesteader - so that makes me pretty hopeful.

    Now, I have a few questions.

    1) How do I fight? I went AFK, then found out that I was getting killed by a bunny. I was spawned with a knife, so I equipped it. After that, I was lost.

    2) Eating. Is fish and foraging the only way to get food. Do I need to cook it?

    3) Does all places have scrap leather, cloth etc. The first place I tried had bunches, then I re-rolled to get to another place where I can't find any. Is this were my scavenging skill comes in?

    That's about it. I like figuring out a bunch of stuff by myself, but these questions are where I'm stumped.

    Monique AKA Breezy

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    Hi Breezy and welcome to Xsyon.

    1) Press C - that puts you in combat mode. Combat is very directional so you have to target your opponent. Left mouse button swings what's in your left hand and visa vs for right.

    2) Fish & foraging are the only way to eat right now, so I hope you like sushi. It will sustain you better than foraging. Cooking is not in game yet, but according to the devs, it is in the next round.

    3) Junkpiles, which are a bit hard to see in winter is where you can gather resources. Open your resource window and when you are standing on a junkpile it will tell you which resource is available to be gathered.

    Be sure & shout out in local chat (/y) or global chat (/s), the community is very friendly and willing to help new players.


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    Welcome to the game. One other tip for combat is if you hold your mouse button down it charges the attack. The higher you charge it the more damage you do. Yes shout out in global /y most people are very helpful.. Most people live in the south but here are a few of us up north. Im all the way up in 1061 its pretty lonely up there. My neighbor Koal has been MIA for awhile. Hope he is coming back.

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