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Thread: 1 week old!

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    1 week old!

    Hello all.

    Just wanted to say hi.

    My name Jörgen.

    I have now been playing this game for 1 week, started out to join xm tribe since my rl friend was there, now i have gone the walk for myself with a homestead to test it out, have now been chopping down trees for 2 days in my new camp and theres still trees up..

    so no1 dares to plant a tree close to my camp :P

    see you all ingame and have fun all!

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    Greetings Jorgen,

    Hope you enjoy your time with us in Xsyon.
    I look forward to meeting you in-game.

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    Good luck Jorgen, show us what you have inside you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwerty View Post
    Good luck Jorgen, show us what you have inside you!
    Do you want to gut him ? ... sounds like that

    Good luck with the trees (you started just before spring - so the new trees are probably spawns from seeds - trees do that in xsyon - they spawn from seeds - sometimes) - so if you are finished cleaning up the area in fall, you will see that next spring it will be much more easy to handle the few natural grown trees (unless someone explicitly comes and willows your place, than you just have to grab an axe and get rid of them)

    Have fun!
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