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    Thinking about giving it another shoot...

    ...but how far has it come FOR REAL since launch? I played it at launch and some time after, but it was a complete mess back then. I liked the idea they had for it. But the combat was dull as hell, the graphics worked, but itīs pretty damn ugly. But I read they did some to it at least. But there seems to be more sand in the box now. So how is it doing these days and how is the population?

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    Population is somewhat low atm. They have fixed a good number of bugs and annoying things since launch. They have added some new features as well, tree planting, carts mainly. As far as combat, well its been made playable. Good luck finding any pvp though. The animal AI has been worked on some and the addition of mutants is interesting. I find that alot of the mobs are still doing circles around trees and getting stuck alot, but I live in the mountains, maybe better toward the lake. Seems animals are spawning, but few are aging and mating. They have made the GUI more useable and elimanated some clicking in crafting. All in all the server performance is much better then at launch. If you like Xsyon for the features of which this game offers, hoarding items, building a tribe area, then I'd say its working ok. Still has a ways to go as far as actual purpose. Recent large patch for stat and skill changes, gains are much faster. Honest reply, hope it helps. Maybe see you in game

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    ^ pretty much what I would say also.

    There also have been some very good things else I wanted to hit on.
    Skilling up has been made faster
    Roads are way more useful
    No more paving junk piles
    Trees are not a problem to find
    Carts help out with basic transporting of goods and storage
    You no longer can be master of all crafts

    There are a few other posts about just what you are asking. The server is 10000x more stable, its not crashing or lagging like it release at all. Loading times have been cut by 5x.

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    Thx for all the answers. I wanna test it, and I thought I would be able to do it cause I got a mail telling me I had 10 days to test it. But it seems to be from the 25th this month not now. So I guess I just have to wait it out. Donīt wanna sub before I test it again. But they fooled me with that mail two weeks before I can use it. Teasers...

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