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Thread: I came, I saw

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    I came, I saw

    and Im not atall sure what the Devs of this game were thinking trying to suck us back with free time when they havent fixed anything atall that was wrong with this game.

    Well thanks for the free time guys, I played for a few hours and its obvious that this game is never going to get anywhere near fun or playable on a long term basis. Pointless grinding for pointless crafting. and now without coords theres really no way to even explore very well.

    Honestly Im not even sure how this game has the player base it seems to have. I cant even play for free, how are you lot dropping 15 bucks a month on this?

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    The only reason I think they gave free time before the totem decay patch, is so that all the old players get a chance to work at their old totems and projects before they decayed into nothing and are overrun with Revenants.

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    The game looks like it has massive potential, but what I see here on the forums is not good. =\
    Here's to hoping the new update will have some changes for the good.

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