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    Help! lost in stas

    i would really like to have a well rounded toon .... but is that even possible? it seems i have to give up so much other stats to get high in my chosen profession .... is there a build template available to maximize your potential?

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    I dont think anyone has built a template yet. But there is a attribute matrix that someone has put together, it may help you in your endevour.

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    Kudos to Tybor for this very nicely done "Skills and Stats Relation chart. I wanted to ask since it contradicts the Xsyon manual in some places if everyone agrees to it's accuracy (No offense Tybor) and if so can we get this sticky'd somewhere in the forum? It will definitely make choosing where to move attributes much easier as well it can help new players decide which stats to choose on character creation.

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    I took the liberty of copying Tybors jpg to re-post here.

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    Here is an updated version of that chart. It shows primary and secondary attributes.

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    I'm a Moron

    Do NOT use Negative skill settings!

    "Skill decay regards skill set to minus as a ‘least used’ skill with 0 recent uses Skill locking system"

    Makes sense right?

    Since the minus setting treats the skill as least used I set skills like "Terraforming" and "Masonry" to -minus so I wouldn't lose skill in areas like Hunting, Bonecraft and Toolcrafting while performing things like Brick Making and Terraforming.

    What I didn't realize is this.

    "-Minus: skill locked for decay only. [Stats will not gain when using this]"


    Prior to the new stat change I was averaging a gain of 2.85 stat points per month. Since the new stat changes I have only gained 1.6 points per month due to the -Minus settings. On top of that since the max setting was 90 for respect stats, after a year of playing my highest stat is only 91.2

    So why you ask would you use an option like -Minus skill when it actually prevents you from gaining any Stats when performing these tasks and gives you no character advancement for anything you've done for a month and a half?


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    Why use something like the -minus setting that sets it to least used? Because thats the one I would want to decay.

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    I use minus a lot. Because I focus my stats. Like my toon is a combat toon, so I build it for combat. So any skills that dont reenforce combat stats I set to minus. Preventing me from losing stats in the ones I want (combat).

    Like foraging, scavenging, forestry etc.

    If you want the stats but DONT want the skill you can set the skill to LOCKED. You will gain stats and not skill, nor will you lose them.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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