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    Just resubbed, looking for a nice small community.

    So I just decided to come back into this wonderful game after I tried it again with the free week but playing alone is kinda lame.

    I am looking for a nice community, preferably a small one :P.

    If this actually matters, I am a US player.

    Hope someone quickly gives me a response.

    I'll keep looking at this thread regularly for the next day or so.

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    Hi Yuri, we would be happy to have you in Raven Moon. Come check us out. You can click on the Raven Moon banner for our guild portal and there is a map to our tribe there. Riverspirit is in game today so you can whisper her for information, but I will be at work. It's just us two currently, but we are well established with a year of Xsyon experience behind us.

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