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    Steal Our Baskets Please.

    Steal Our Baskets........Please!

    I miss the days when I could run around Xsyon looking for baskets I could plunder. Seems the developers thought that locking containers on public land was a good idea. I disagree wholeheartedly.

    So Raven Moon is giving new players a chance to experience the thrill of thievery!

    That's right, steal our baskets, We Dare You!!

    We have placed 15 public baskets around the world with lots of valuable goodies. If you have what it takes to find them, (Always a catch) their yours. Yes they are hidden! =)

    This is not a treasure hunt, it is a chance for the weary traveler (Thief) to happen upon or find (steal) some nice stuff. There will be no further hints or help in any way. There is no time limit.

    They are not stuffed under piles of logs, or inside our tribe, they are out in the open and spread out all around the lake and hills in 15 different zones. They may be hidden behind rocks, in a clump of trees or in the mist of a water fall. They are not sitting on top of a rock or in an open field but you will see them if you happen upon them.

    These will not be easy to find.

    Here is a description of what you might find.
    The baskets are labeled “Raven Moon” 1 through 15. Most will have medium to Supreme quality items. Some have multiple items. Here is a basic list.

    1. Master Quality Razor Saw Scalper - Stolen!
    2. Master Quality Patamon Saw Axe
    3. Supreme Quality PXM Bat - Stolen!
    4. 5 Piece Tailoring Tool Set. - Stolen by Fyrex!! 11/2/2012
    5. 14 Piece Tool Set with High Q Saw and Hammer.
    6. Master Quality Hellhole Deathbone Cuisse - Stolen!
    7. 13 Piece Carson Deerbone Armor Set. - Stolen! Yeni managed to find err Steal this one =)
    8. Authentic Mr. Xsyon 2012 Outfit complete with Smoking Jacket. That's right, now even regular people can look like a star!
    9. A 13 Piece Set of Tallec Bearbone Armor. Stolen! by Dang!
    10. Master Quality Artisen Trappers Saw.
    Baskets #11 through 15 will be mystery baskets just to keep it interesting. Could be empty, could have something very cool!

    Basket #11 has been STOLEN. Betty_White confessed to the theft in global. Congratulation to Betty_White on stealing the Mason Granite roof and wall blueprints.

    12. Stolen by Severin!

    13. Stolen!

    If you find any of these baskets you are welcome to post your findings here.
    We will then mark the item as STOLEN!
    I will try to make rounds about once a week to see if any are missing. If so I will also post those as stolen.

    *Disclaimer: Posting your findings here is not an admission of guilt and no criminal charges will be filed.
    *2nd Disclaimer: Raven Moon reserves the right to kill any player caught in the act of stealing their stuff!
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    Haha this is very cool, I am glad to see more players participating in making events for others. This is the type of stuff which builds a community and makes a game enjoyable for others. *high five.

    "Here to help the community, save the newbs, save the game!" - Creator

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    @ prokop15.

    Prokop15 there is one basket for you to find. If you do, don't be scared to look inside for your presents

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    So that's what you were up to last night pulling the cart along?

    Well done Willow, that's a brilliant idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwerty View Post
    So that's what you were up to last night pulling the cart along?

    Well done Willow, that's a brilliant idea!
    You caught me That was about one third of the way through my journey around the lake, it took me another 3 to 4 hours to get back to camp lol.

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    Great event Willow. Props to putting it out.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Nice Event. Ill be on the look for those baskets, Hoping for a bone armour set.

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    I love this the event. Good work Willowhack.

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    thank you willow! very nice idea

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    Excellent idea, will be nice to go on a treasurehunt. How will you keep us informed of what baskets that has been found?

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