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    Terraforming only to the west of you

    No matter where I stand or look, What ever terraforming action I try, It happens to the west of me.

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    Re:Terraforming only to the west of you

    All I can offer is a thread bump, but I hear that West Side is the best side.

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    Re:Terraforming only to the west of you

    Terraforming is currently being worked on full time by one of the Notorious Games programmers.

    Recently the terrain was changed from a 2mx2m grid to a 1mx1m grid to increase accuracy in terraforming. Unfortunately this caused a few unwanted side effects such as an offset when terraforming and the increased bumpiness of the terrain. These issues and many many more will be resolved in the future. The entire terraforming code is being redone and hopefully should fix a lot of issues associated with terraforming in its current state as well as add additional functionality to the system.

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