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    The Great Founders Maze!

    Greetings Survivors!

    We have made many changes to founders island of late, and the most recent noticeable change is that we have fully removed the old maze, with a newly designed creation.

    This coming Sunday sees the Maze' grand opening.

    The object of the Maze is to start at the Entrance, run through to each of the 4 Check points and collect an item from each of the Guides inside them.
    Once you have all 4, make your way back to the Entrance to hand it in at the finish line.

    When you have completed the Maze you will receive a prize.

    A few rules to comply with...

    • No PvP (Its on founders so we shouldn't have any of this).
    • No Looting
    • You must only enter the Maze once told to do so by a Guide.
    • You must collect all 4 items from each of the Guides in each of the Checkpoints.

    Players can and will be teleported to the Event and back home once the event is over, or you have completed the Maze.

    The Event will take place on: 2012-05-27
    Time: 12pm PST

    We have designed this Maze so that everytime we do this Event, we can alter the maze and add to it, so that it is different everytime.

    We hope that you will all join in!

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    Hello Survivors!

    We had a really good turn out to this event, we had many new faces participate along side the Veterans of Xsyon.
    A lot of you got lost, but all of you didn't come away empty handed.

    Thank you to everyone that took part.

    What did you all think to it?
    And is this something you would like to see return in the future?

    Let us know your thoughts.


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    With all respect I think some of the players were a little upset by the prizes. Many of them could have gotten 5 raccoon leather in much shorter time. I think participation prizes which may be cosmetic only, but something you can't just go kill a small animal for would go a lot farther. Could be something silly like a funny hat, pair of goofy shoes or whatever. just something unusual maybe rare colour of some wearable clothing. Like the red shirt was great that one time!

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