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    Anyone else having this issue?

    I sent in a ticket to support, but trying to see if I can find a fix for now, has anyone been having log in issues, where they get an error "no windowed device combo not found".

    soon as I hit enter world I get this error and it crashes. Also I notice the patch is looping, its redoing it every single time. I see the same files downloading its about 54Mb Worth.

    I'm not complaining as I understand this happens, but I got some free time so I like to see the new stuff to see if I wanna Sub again so if I could get some help or information on what to do this would be great, Thanks.

    FYI I was in a few days back and everything was fine.. no issues. I also tried to reinstall, I also tried 3 different machines, I have 2 desk tops and 1 lap top, all with WIN7, and with 460Nvidia graphic cards or better, and all have 16GB or better ram. All are using I7's as well... Those are some basic specs.

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    Support has responded to you.


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