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    So, what's the story?

    Hi! I was very interested in Xyson, not only because of the crafting, but because in the description of the game, it said that the players could shape everything from the history, lore, etc. Now, where is all of this? Has anyone been keeping track of the stuff that's going on - if anything has been going on?

    I know I'm curious about a few things. Like how did nails become the standard for trade? why not bottle caps or pulltabs or whatever? I saw that tribes can set their own currency. So, has anyone done that?

    Also, any more player related lore? Is there a blog out there? I wish I had more time. I would love to play more and explore more in the game.


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    Welcome to Xsyon

    Nails have become the favored currency because they are needed in many crafting recipes and are always in high demand. And because they get used the supply always needs to be replenished were dollar bills or bottle caps continue to be found but are not used. Eventually there will be so many dollars and bottle caps etc they will have no real value. We already have well over 50,000 dollars. (Yes we collect them like stamps) but we can always use more nails. It's just supply and demand economics.

    As for Lore, Xsyon is all player driven so we players are the lore and history of Post apocalypse Xsyon. The only sites I know that have been doing some stories etc are the new Vegas republic

    And St. Bob has a ton of video tutorials!

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    From my point of view (personal opinion):

    Nails are "the currency" because:
    1) IS (industrial strength) put out a list - setting everything in relations to nails - so they would buy/sell in nails, they also set the conversion rates (eg screws 5:1 nail) making nails the most valuable of the nails/screws/rivet/bolts cluster
    2) nails are quite easy to trade in large numbers - a normal char can carry 4000 nails for longer distances without too much encumbrance
    3) nails are useful for: wraincrafting and architecture (weaponscraft ?) and as it was discussed before - wraincrafting needs lots of nails - players have burned more than 10.000 nails for wraincrafting.

    Those maybe the roots why nails are used as currency.
    Bottlecaps/dollars/pennies/quaters - have no real use in the game - so using something that is "useful" and having a need for that, was probably the argument why IS used nails as their basic reference - but we should probably ask them directly ?
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    Yeah, some tribes tried to use dollars, but not being worth anything in game I would say it didnt work at all.

    We started off with screws as they were used in bonecrafting (120ish per suit) but bone armor wasnt as used as leather armor and even 120 per suit wasnt enough. With some of the new walls/floors with arch, then later wainwright, and of course about 30,000 nails needed to level weaponcrafting it was then converted to nails.

    Right now the economy is still in flux with the new animal part bonuses and based on growth and what not. I expect one day once things settle down again we can update the IS priceguide and see what happens.

    I had to remove a lot of items from the priceguide due to the changes to recipe inspired rate, also the change in how many animals there are. I expect overtime there will start to be more of a known ratio of how rare they are and how valued / used they are so we can start giving some good priceguides.

    IS priceguide ( is normally set on the higher end of what items are worth, as not only do people see the known value and can undercut it, but also because we have everything and normally people come to us for the bulk large orders (like they need 50,000 screws for a project) or the item is rare or of the highest QL (Supreme QL Chrome Rivets).

    What's how it came about. I would say IS had a large part in making nails the Xsyon standard but it wasnt just us, many tribes were already sorta using it just not stated they were using it. I just made the list and set everything to nails as the price.

    Currency set on the totems really doesnt work yet, as renting and stuff isnt in place. So even though it says what currency the tribe uses it has no real effect.

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    I too was swayed by the contents of the home page here. And the concept art still prominently displayed showing magic. I was quickly disenchanted. (No pun intended)

    Then I found this thread (2 years old now):

    No prelude for me. For now the game is just "frontier tycoon." And the player with the most accounts and highest post count wins.

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