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    Saturday Trade Fair Hosted by Rainy River Tribe

    Saturday Trade Fair Hosted by Rainy River Tribe

    Greetings Survivors! The people of Rainy River are proud and honoured to host The Xsyon World Trade Fair on Saturday. (8pm GMT, 12pm PST, 3pm EST)
    In addition to the usual market, we will be organising some Games and Scheduled events for your enjoyment. Please come along and join in the fun! We will be offering free food from our Post-Apocalyptic Snack Stall, and have lots of goods to sell, there will of course be other vendors from across the Lake Tahoe Community (if any vendors would like a stall please contact any RR member).

    Rainy River Guards will be posted to ensure the safety of attendees during our hosting. As well as storage facilities for valuables while participating in any of the scheduled events.
    For Storage, Nita will trade a basket to you that you can place items in and store in the canopy nearby. You are free to add and take items from your storage basket as you please and make sure you take your items at the end of the event or risk losing your possessions.

    Scheduled Events:

    8.30pm GMT - Hide And Seek - You have one minute to hide yourself within the walls of the rainy river camp (Not Inside Buildings). Members of the Rainy River tribe, who will be named before the event begins, will search for participants. When a participant has been found, he must return to the market area, while the hunt continues. Those still hidden by the end of the time limit will receive a prize!

    9.00pm - 'Simon Says' - Simon will use an emotion and the participants must copy. If you get the emote incorrect, or are the last to act - your out! The last man standing wins!

    9:30pm - Lighthouse Long-Jump - Participants will ascend the RR Lighthouse and jump to the east, small prize if you clear the river, the furthest jumper overall will win a larger prize! (RR accepts no responsibility for accidental injury whilst taking part in this event!)

    Rainy River Update - Prizes Announced

    Hide and Seek - Those who have successfully remained hidden from the seekers can choose a Supreme weapon of their choice!

    Simon Says - The winner of Simon Says will receive a set of Master/Artisan tools!

    Lighthouse Long Jump - Participants will win a Supreme Weapon of their choice from the Prize Booth, if they clear the river. The Furthest Jumper overall will win a set of Supreme Artisan/Master tools. (Please stand still to allow someone to measure your coordinates when you land.)

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    Damn missed the lighthouse jump again on the other hand - MrDDT with AGI of 200 ... that should (a side from skill) influence the distance (i guess)...

    Thanks for the great event !!!

    I had the pleasure:
    - to trade with etu (master qual small wooden handle) - to whom I am very greatful
    - win a price in "Hide and seek"
    - watch "Simon says"
    - and the never ending pleasure of being ported by Raguel himself!

    Thank you for the great event !!!
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