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    Questions of Week 06/04 through 06/10

    Please leave your Questions to the Developers below...

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    Thank you.

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    1. We used to be able to make leather scraps from leather, using shears....but we can no longer do this. Tailoring can do this with cloth scraps. Can we get the ability back to do this again ?

    2. Before the skill degrade, some people bought schemes for skills they will most likely let decay now...some higher leveled schemes. Will high level schemes still be usable if the related skill drops below the scheme level ? If not, will there be a way to change that learned scheme, back into a trade-able scheme item?

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    Is there any plans to add content to the game?
    After having 100 in all the skills building a few tribal areas (for no reason other than looks) I'm wondering what is to keep people in the game.

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