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    Exclamation Game includes a keystroke recorder?

    Why does the game have a keystroke recorder in the files? I downloaded the game from the official website and when I went to play the game, Norton red flagged it because a file in the game has a keystroke recorder. According to Norton's records, this file has only recently appeared in the last week and only a few people have encountered it.
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    This is the first time anything like this has been reported.
    We can absolutely assure you, our download files do not contain any Key logging software.
    Please email support with your findings, and i'm sure they will assist you.

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuideRaguel View Post

    This is the first time I have heard of this.
    Please email support with your findings, and i'm sure they will assist you.

    Thank you.
    please look into this and let us ALL know what is account particulars, but if this is in the downloads, we ALL should have this information.
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    We will update the community on this situation.
    However, this is the first time we have heard of this, and this particular player is the first person to bring this to our attention.

    We will keep you updated.
    Again, I must ask that the OP Domal contact support.

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prokop15 View Post
    Why don't you contact support? In the start of your post you're emphasizing that you doubt his claims, and then you're telling us that you're going to rely on him for further investigation... How about you check the download files yourself and ensure there isn't a key logger in there?

    There is absolutely no Keylogger contained within our Download files.

    We ask for the Anti-Virus reports so that we can see exactly what the virus is the OP has, and we can warn other players regarding this.
    We have double checked and re-checked there is no Key logger.

    This is the first case of anything like this been reported, and will most likely be an issue on the OP's side, where a general key logger has been downloaded from somewhere other than Xsyon, and has a script to attach itself to any .exe or other file.

    Again, we have checked and re-checked our files and there is no cause for alarm.

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    Thanks Raguel, that puts my mind at ease
    The truth will set you free....but first it will realy piss you off !!

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    I too have norton (360) and downloaded the file 12 days ago.I havent got any warnings.May be that norton sometime will catch something else when checking.I have download files that erase because of maybe virus automaticly.That before you can even set it up.

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    Just to piggy-back, This issue is preventing people from installing the game via the installer. You get a zip file, with a zip file inside, with the .exe. Lucky for me I already have the game installed, but while assisting a buddy we ran into this. We're still working through it after disabling his antivirus stuff.

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