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    The Great North Race Event - 2012-06-10 12pm pst

    Greetings Survivors!

    I would like to announce that the Guide Team will conduct an Event that the whole world can take part in... The Great North Race.

    The Event will be a race to each of the Waypoints, where you will be given 1 item.
    You then must take these items to the finish line.

    The winner will be the one that can bring all items from each of the waypoints to the finish line.

    The Waypoints will be announced in-game.

    -Players are forbidden from using the lake. You must use the land to get to the Waypoints
    - No PvP while at the Waypoints, starting line or finish line.
    - No death porting to get your body closer to the Finishing Zone.
    -You must have all of the Items from each of the Waypoints to trade at the finish line to win.

    Bring your best running shoes with you, the player who wins will receive any 2 items they desire. (No pre-order weapons, or any other item that is currently not in-game).

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    The Great North Race, is still planned for this coming Sunday at 12pm PST.

    Hope to see as many survivors as possible at the Event.

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    After a Cross country run 2 Xsyon Survivors took 1st and 2nd place, in todays 'The Great North Race' Event!

    1st place went to Aram
    2nd place when to Fyrex

    Congratulations to both of them, who went a way with a choice of prize.

    Each Survivors was given a small prize for taking part!

    Thank you to everyone who took part!

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