What dose that mean... (In house Testing)I thank ever one that has a sub. should test it.The game is still in beta to me.I was one of the first to buy this game when you guys let people in in small groups.At that time Near 2 Years ago) you guys completly revamp the client to what we see today.
I do love Xsyon posts and that what keep me look back at this game and see what new.But I would not try to bring in new people to a game not in full swing.

You would just shoot yourself in the foot.Most gamers only try a online game once because of all the new ones coming out this year.As I play the game and see what content it has, but nothing to look forward to.No invasion where we all need to hide in our forts or group together to attack a island to save our world.Maybe kill whoever to gain some cool stuff to build our forts up.
It sad that we still trying to be cooks and tamers and the animal pop overated to give us a challange.

I like the game,I like Xsyon news comments.Doing anything in June would not be wise as some of the big Boats are coming.The secret world,Guild War 2.And other war game.