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    Red face New Girl On the Block :)

    Hey guys patching game now and will be starting soon Not sure what to do or where to go but can't wait to get started

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    Welcome to the game, have fun

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    Ty Will I login and get killed right off? And if I have stuff on me can they take it?

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    No one spawns in and dies as far as I know. Mostly people around the areas are peaceful towards newcomers .

    If you do have any questions, feel free to talk in the global chat in-game. Most of the people there are helpful

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    Just make sure you spawn on founder's isle. That'll give give you chance to explore the game without being afraid of someone killing you. (Founder's Isle is the only non pvp area aside from on tribe land).

    The other thing I'd recommend before you start (i'm sure you already have ) is to review " ". Think about what you want to specialize in (cant be the best at everything anymore) and assign your stat points accordingly.

    Lastly - Say hi in global and have a good time

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