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    I am unable to log into Xsyon games thru the US server. One more time this evening - I go to log in on the US server and I have a 52 + mg download. So I download it. Go to the second screen to log in and it tells me the same ol' same ol'.... (why is there a 2nd log in screen? That's friggin' stupid!)

    Go back to log in using the EU server...oh great, I again have another 52 + mb download. Now, I rarely complain - I use work-arounds...I explain to my tribe members how small your teams is, ad nausem etc. But I got to tell you, I'm really holding back right now trying not to sound like a sailor and curse your tiny souls to the nether depths of 14 hells in Xsyon.


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    I still can log in with no problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by joexxxz View Post
    I still can log in with no problems
    You are a lucky SOB

    There is no official post to tell us what to do since this issue happened.


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    Hello China,

    What is the exact error message you get when trying to log into Xsyon through the US patch servers?

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    Unable to connect to server incorrect game version


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    Please try deleting xsyon.exe from the Xsyon/Bin directory and patching through the US server again.

    We really don't know what is causing this issue. The US and EU servers are identical with the same files (the only difference is a time stamp based on the different US and EU time zones) and only some players are getting this problem.

    After you've tried the above, please let us know here if your problem is resolved.

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    I'll try your suggestion in the morning and let you know.


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    Yup that resolved it, deleted the xsyon.exe and patched on US server and I'm good =)

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    That resolved it for me.


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    I had this issue over the weekend to but I used EU server and got it fine. THen the next day I chose US server and it was fine... weird.

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