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    The Marketers open for recruitment

    The Marketers is a tribe where freedom of the members is guaranteed. No obligations how to play. We orientate in trade, pvp, hunting and building.

    We are located in zone 781 position 330/200 thats south of Round Hill. At the moment we have a small tribe and we recruit new members. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, craftsman or warrior you will be welcome to join. In our community we have members who will help you with questions and get you familiar with Xsyon. Members act mature, respect each other and have a sense of hummor.

    As a member of our tribe you have many benefits because we work together and that will speedup your development.

    - Better tools and weapons for free
    - Helpful members with experience
    - Combat training to get strong
    - You're part of an adventure
    - Hunting and PVP trips
    - Fun and friendship
    - As we grow in numbers we get more secure area

    We work hard to get more members in the future. If you want to be part of our great adventure get in contact with Snakepit ingame or reply on our forum with your ingame name.
    Link to our forum :

    You never know maybe you like it.


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    The Marketers recruitment is still open for new members. If you want to join contact me in game or replay on our forum.

    We also have founded BOTM (Brotherhood of the Marketers).
    We did this because some players want to have there own land and don't want to give up there land when join another tribe.
    This is only possible if you setup your own tribe/hometown. To make sure to keep in touch with each other members register on our forum.
    On the forum we can all post information about events, trades show pictures of your new build villages and much more.
    So if you have your tribe close to zone 781 and you want to play with other people get your self registerd on our forum and join BOTM.

    Forum link

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