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    any ETA for trial?

    does devs talk more about trial? like any eta.. months.. quartals when it will be?
    I still think about buying Xsyon, but I know sandbox games are not for solo playing and all my friends dont want go in unknown game anymore (we played darkfall and loved it, but aventurine access is stupid., we played Mortal Online since launch and few others and it was waste of money and time).

    So that is reason Im asking for it. We also spend huge time in Wurm, it was cool to try it for free for unlimited time, because part of us was on skill cap, part of us invested few hundred dollars in game for deeds and subs etc. So im not some young fanboi that is just bored and want try something "new"


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    I haven't read anything indicating that Xsyon intends to offer a trial program. This may change in the coming months as Xsyon does intent to increase advertising and what not.

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    An ETA for trials would suggest that there is a plan for it - which there isn't.

    It's very hard to say that you will probably like this game just because you liked this/that game. I played Wurm and hated it. I downloaded MO and uninstalled it 10min later. Darkfall seemed to be all about pvp - no download. Wow - lasted for 4 years, but at the cost of me being totally allergic to carebear games these days (rift, aion, aoc, rom, tera, <insert generic game built upon the same idea here>).

    Xsyon is a pretty unique game. It offers you a pretty short list of skills for crafting, gathering and combat. The animals roaming the world are either overpowered or too weak, sometimes at the same time. There are too few animals, and too few of the mutated versions of them. There aren't really alot of players in the game. Some of the terrain, where happy terraformers been doing the drunken shovel race, look awful. If you do find a spot which looks fantastic you can bet your hard earned money on that there is a totem somewhere hidden in a tree or something preventing you from claiming it (this will soon be history with the totem decay).

    If you have a tendency to ask "what now?" you should probably stay away. There are some events from time to time, but nothing spectacular like events in other games. There are no NPC's, no quests, no raids, no instances, no shops, no currency (hrmm, nails) and no catering for the lazy. If you manage to buy a cart from someone across the lake you might ending up on a full day's worth of time pulling it back to your place.

    So what do the game offer you? Well, possibilities and potential. I recomend you to start out as a homesteader. Stay out of tribes just to get that "survival" feeling. Who knows, you might enjoy it and apreciate it like others do.

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    There is a plan for a trial, just nothing more on it. Last I heard was "we plan to do trials later".

    Having said that, there are tons of videos out there you can watch and talk to players and explayers on the forums.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    In my experience; if you like Wurms then you will love xsyon.

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