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    Post Medieval Tribe'esque

    I'm teetering on the idea of creating a RP Tribe loosely with Game of Thrones'esque flair. A self-proclaimed king,and when large enough will have lords and conduct politics with the other tribes. It will have things like a Sigil, grant titles, land and currency and will accommodate roleplayers from blacksmiths, to warriors, to builders. I'd need help coming up with a lore specific background, and initial setup for the tribe, and the best way to ease into it. People may be promoted on merit, or sometimes for doing good deeds for a corrupt minor lord. If you have a like of medieval knighthood, medieval customs and fantasies, than this might be for you.

    We will be a Lawful Neutral tribe, though as anything RP individuals may vary from along the spectrum. I have DM'd a little bit in my time, and would probably play as the initial tribe founder (Too early to call a king?) but will setup roleplay quests and storylines to keep it fun.

    If you might be interested, please PM me here.

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    Nice idea! I wont join you because I want to play along the "survival" aspect some more and a king (for me) does not really fit in...

    However - I want to note that lots of kings in the past faced a not so nice ending (head chopped off and so forth ...)

    Good luck mate!

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    I definitely would love to be part of this - my only question is whether you will be using a new char to set up this tribe. I'm going to be restarting in a few days, and I will either be solo or in a tribe with others who have recently started.

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