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  • Circular Tribe Radius (What we currently have).

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    Square Tribe Area Poll

    Hello Survivors,

    We would like to get feedback regarding the recently posted planned update.

    Totem Area Announcement

    Is a Square Tribe Radius opposed to a Circular Tribe Area (What we currently have), something you would prefer?

    Please let us know in the poll above.

    If you would prefer to stay with how the current Area works (Circular) please state your specific reasons in this thread.

    Please let us know if you foresee any problems with changing to a Square Area.

    Thank you.

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    Sounds good to me. For small tribes especially, this will make building much easier. For us established tribes I guess we will just make use of those added corners. Now if we had an option to move our totems a bit, perhaps like architecture we could click our totems and move it to better use the space we have. Wishful thinking

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    I'm all for this...I was talking about making a town from a number of homesteaders close to each other, but having no 'town wall' would have been an issue, as well as connecting to each other...this would fix that ..I think...

    but I'm for this, even if it does not

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    I realy like the idee of squar tribe lands. At the moment its hard to let members build in the tribe and there is very low benefits to join one. Lot of people want to join a tribe but still be able to do what the want on there own land. If its possible to put land site by side and build one big city and give save space to each other it can be a option. I think if this can be dun with in a tribe will be the best way to do.
    Tribe members will have there own land and give a save ground to all tribe members. This way the tribe land grow equal withthe amound of members.

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    I do to like the idea. Besides, more space is always win

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    This feels so much like a beta of a game. Huge changes like this for almost no reason.

    I think its better but only because of how radius is done so poorly.

    I think we should be able to control whole zones, and even like a dozen zones.

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    I think I've seen a suggestion by MrDDT earlier about the size of a tribe depending on how active it is. A small tribe could thus cover more ground than an inactive large tribe. Wouldn't this be possible to add into the code that already (or soon will be) checks for decay? Would be pretty awesome if a tribe could actually grow too (not just by the number of members).

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    This has been discussed alot (growing tribe space not based on players - but on "activness"). I think that the common consens would be to add something like an "upkeep" for a tribe totem. Failing to provide the upkeep would shrink the size, keeping it would grow it (and increase the upkeep to an extend) - so tribes with more "active" players would be able to support a higher upkeep for a longer time ...

    Well thats basically the idea - has not been commented on by Xsyon (as far as I know) - things to specify:
    -) what kind of stuff can be used to "pay" the upkeep
    -) how often has the upkeep to be supplied
    -) how much of "stuff" must be supplied for which size

    My opinion on these things are:

    - offerings (upkeep) provide "tribe power points" - eg 100 for a small size tribe - 500 middle - 2000 large (or even more stages)

    My suggestions would be "offerings" to the "powers that be" like:
    -) fish (depending on quality and type) - 1 points for everything up to "normal", 2 "VHQ", 4 "Master", 8 "Supreme" - Macinow Trout would tripple the points ... so 12 for a "master macinrow trout" - basically with 10 of those you could provide the 100 for a small tribe
    -) plants
    -) grass twine
    -) "old wrenches"
    -) animal parts (like those that are not usefull upto now)

    the idea is to give all the items that are not very (or not at all) useful a purpose - setting up the table (points for items) would be some work ...
    and also allow simple gathering to be useful (beyond what it is now).

    a "bi-weekly" offering would be nice - 1 months seems too long - 1 week too short
    Probably set it up so that at the begin of each season in Xsyon the tribe has to provide the offering.
    Would set it up as an extra tab on the totem.
    Any player of the tribe can place stuff inside until the target is reached... (would be nice to have a visual confirmation - like the totem changes)
    After 2 sequential offerings that reached the target the next tier can be selected - failing to reach the target would shrink the size and the next target (until the totem is starting to decay).

    That would allow very active players to increase their land - where as inactive tribes would shrink - also the stuff that is lying around in the tribe areas can be "burned" that way ...

    What you you think ?!?

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    hurray for squares! this will make it easy for re walling my tribe when i finally get around to it!
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    I see no reason for this what so ever.With all the stuff you could be working on you pick something thats not even broken.It isent the best way to do it the way it is but theres much much better things you could be doing right now instead of square tribes......

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