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    It would be nice to have a time-stamp in the chat!

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    Re: Chat-System

    Also, will there be "zone chat" and or different tabs for tribes and so forth? (im sure there will be) .

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    I think they said before that the chat would be localised. I am guessing that it is game wide at the moment as there isnt a huge amount of us in there.

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    Also easier to express bugs and so forth towards the admins if they are in at the same etc etc.

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    it would also be nice if anytime i use any kind of punctuation it didnt move my cursor back to the start of the chat line and make it really hard for me to type.

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    There will be more chat options. I think there will be global, local, tribe, and pm

    current you can do a pm by typing /w (or m maybe) and the persons name and then the message, your chat will turn green. to leave just hit backspace

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