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    Smile "CAPTURE the BASCET" League and her Rules

    The first PVP Minigame Arena in the City of Germania is shortly ready! ( the Arena is evolving with time...bigger and nicer)
    The first PVP-League is named "CAPTURE the BASCET"
    - One Game over 60 Minutes
    - In the mittle of the Arena is standing a PUBLIC BASKET .
    - a Guide is starting the game with his ORANGE LETTERS in the chat(hehe perfect english .. )
    - the teams 6 vs 6 or 10 vs 10 now run over the starter ramps and run to the mittle bascet and must bring this bascet to her own side back.
    - if the carrier of the bascet dies the teams can loot him or if he respawns in her city a guide who is waiting in the middle is setting a new bascet and the match continues.
    - After the 60 Minutes the team with the most goals wins in becomes 3 points for this match.
    - if a team lost it becomes 0 points
    - if all two teams have the same number of bascets then each team becomes 1 point.
    - Whorlok actualysed the "CAPTURE the BASCET-LEAGUE" in the interactive WEBSITE:
    - each team need a unique clotharmor with different colours...example RED...YELLOW Armor...BLUE ARMOR...or a combination of the color.

    - EACH CITY WHO WANT BUILD A TEAM PLEASE POST IT IN THIS THREAD AND CRAFT HER OWN SETS OF COLORED CLOTH ARMOR!(the teams can also mixed from diffrent tribes if a tribe is not big enough)
    - YOU CAN ALSO GIVE YOUR TEAM A UNIQUE PLAY NAME...example: Team "RED HORSES" or other fantasy names ..
    - If one saison have reached the end (if each team have played against each other team!)
    the winner of the saison becomes as reward --->RESOURCES for his own city arena (if the guides want this?) so we have with time more exiting ARENAS for Mini games and for the future a travel in the big world of XSYON

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    IS-BC has a team. We will be using Black.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    If any other tribe wants to setup a team - I would gladly join and create a tournament armor of the respective colour (brit. english *hehe*).
    My tailoring is rather bad - so I wont be creating a good one - but still i am willing to join any other team!

    Send me a pm in the forum if you are interested.

    And a big thank you for Germania and especially to Whorlok!!
    "Thou shalt not follow the null pointer, for chaos and madness await thee at its end."

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