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    Cool New player/players

    hello all,
    Well me and some budies found this game interested us and we all purchased it and getting into it... the forums are soo bleak on a game that we find better at times then the others (which we have all played ex.. wurm online, minecraft, few others) from what i have read other then this newest patch of totem decays, the progression is stagnet. This game has HUGE potential and i hope for the 15 a month there getting from at least the 1 and my 2 friends that we see future updates more regular. I know this all "i want i want". but sersiouly this game is fun and other then minor things like scavenger piles vanishing on us and weapon crafting being impossible to get new recipes for. I LOVE THIS game, and really hope on the development side of this game continues to advance.
    for a good game finally :-)

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    Thanks Fredo, glad you are having fun

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    soo was there plans for alot of progression or is it pretty stagnet still?

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    there are a lot of different plans, its a matter of time. I recommend checking out

    lists a little bit of what's intended and the order, no dates.

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    sounds good

    ty marillo that was the post i hunted for dates im not concerned with just future improvements was my curiousity sad to not see trash piles respawning but meh i can deal :-)

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    Regretfully there are no dates I wouldn't worry about the junk piles though - there's a lot of junk out there

    Also scav vs pull if you are reeeeeaally worried about it

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