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    Timeline for the abandonment phase, please...

    No need to bother with this note., found the announcement for the 25th that states we will enter "deserted" stage next week.

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    But when is next week...? On the update notes it sounded like it would be today but it seems it could be anytime between now and Sunday. I would also like to know what the time lengths between each phase are.

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    It would still be nice to know when "next week". Will it be automatic or will it require maintenance to manually set the totems to the next level of abandonment? People are standing around waiting for this to happen and they are going to get burned out and pissed if nothing happens soon or we at least get some info on when/how it is supposed to happen.

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    I wouldn't wish for it too much... You can test out how it'll be on the test server, but it's unplayable for me. I got my best armor and weapons, and set out to see what's changed. I found the lowest health revenant I could, and that was about my limit. The weakest revenant on it's own. Definitely not trying the stronger ones, especially as I have about 10+ sitting between me and.. anywhere. Totally unplayable right now. What makes it worse is that I can't even band together with nearby players to clear them, because they respawn in the exact spot you killed them about 2-3 minutes later.

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    Armor and weapons really have a very low effect in this game. Understanding how to do combat is so much more helpful. You can kill Revs without getting hit a single time. Heck I can kill them naked with a fishing pole, with 5 combat skill and 10 STR, 10 FOR.

    They are very very slow. Simply do it without getting hit and you should be fine, learn the range of your weapon and their attacks.

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    Amitola and I went out on a adventure the other day killing Rev's and I could kill about 4 or 5 on my own. We could easily kite them 1 or 2 at a time me moving backward and she would hit it from behind. Hardest part was they would them come in swarms of 2 or 3 at a time and we would get caught off guard and get into trouble. They do hit pretty hard for about 12-22 depending. Also they do spawn way to fast, once you get a camp clear by that time they are already respawning, but it was lots of fun.

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    hrmm, my area is certianly gonna be 1 giant rev hangout soon, seems my totems that only one considerd *active*
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