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    API Add-On Support

    I was reading over the Crafting UI thread and was going to suggest this there, but in a sense I think this suggestion deserves it's own thread as it covers a lot of things more than just the Crafting UI.

    What does everyone think about API Add-on functionality in the game?

    Those familiar with scripting could create add-ons to add to the user interface.

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    Re:API Add-On Support

    Personally I'm not a big fan of that stuff. Also considering there was a thread with people favoring the in game compass being an item you have to carry instead of part of the UI, I think people are okay with a minimal UI. On the other hand, maybe some cool stuff could be made to help crafting if its too clunky. I'm not playing so i don't know how i feel about it yet...

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    Re:API Add-On Support

    UI scripting (as in WOW, where you may script new features into the UI with LUA+XML), is extremely difficult to get right.

    It opens the game up to a whole new kind of vulnerabilities. even macroing (as in SWG) could break gameplay, let alone external hacks.

    I don't think this is a good idea, right now there are many other concerns to address...

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    Re:API Add-On Support

    I write software and even I'm against it. It's nice on the surface, but until the game is up and running, stabilized in features and all of that, you're just opening the game up to exploits.

    Maybe eventually, but... I kind of hope it never happens.

    What I WOULD like to see though is an API for something like tribe data and such. So we can include that info on our own websites. Member counts, member stats, etc. But nothing that could affect ingame stuff.

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    Re:API Add-On Support

    Allowing it would defiantly be an un-needed double-edged sword.

    While I also used them extensively in WoW, it got to the point that if you were not using mod's 1-10+, minimum, then you were at a serious disadvantage. Sometimes more then that, and it was really out of control.

    I am fervently hoping that Xsyon will not need them. Personally, the most I would like to see is the ability to customize the interface, but only the frames that are viewable by default. Much like others have said, anything beyond that, and your just opening the flood gates to vulnerabilities, hacks, and game bloat.

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    Re:API Add-On Support

    I agree with Nightsky. I would like to see some custom UI reskins, but that is it. I'm pretty sure this is all LOTRO has, and they have had some talented artist come up with new skins for the UI. I personally prefer minimalistic skins, but I like seeing some of the better artsy stuff as well. I don't want to see anything of the WoW level.

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    Re:API Add-On Support

    Nitesky01 wrote:
    While I also used them extensively in WoW, it got to the point that if you were not using mod's 1-10+, minimum, then you were at a serious disadvantage.
    yeah, same here. and then suddenly, when you used these plug-ins to mitigate the disadvantages towards other players, fun was over too... and it became just a "game of numbers"...

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