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    Feedback Request: Creatures/Revenants 2012-07-13

    Please provide any feedback on the current state of creatures and revenants on the Main Server here.

    We will work further on attack ranges this week. The distance of an attack now displays as part of the combat messages. The actual ranges seem correct from our testing, but these may visually be affected by ping rates to our server for moving players. Please report any attack ranges that seem incorrect.


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    Creatures are still on one place sometimes, 10 Hamsters attacked me and some still where running around.
    I know you have changed some things and the creatures are staying in one part of a zone but please let some of them move if the amount is to big in that zone.
    Have you also thought about to set a max of creatures in a zone? Some zones have not many hunters.

    Also i think that a hamster must be afraid of me/us and not attack me. There must be made/change some rules for behavior of the creatures.

    One edit...Animals go still through walls , doors ect.Think you are safe insite your camp surrounded whit walls? The answer is no...

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    they look realy nice and i am happy to see they revenants ingame now. Keep the progress going.

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    cant skin them or even see the stat bonus on there gear and have to check each one and its a pain in the ....;.but it dont really matter because the stat bonus change isent good at all and need redone another way then what was done.Im all for a balance on the bonus armor but high end 3 plus points?....come on now thats not even worth all the time and effort it take to make a full high end suit its just silly the amout of time put in compared to the pay off with changes and it ruined one of the only things left for me to do that was fun. Back to the revs...if we cant skin them and there armor isent any good then why am I even killing them? To loot bins that I care nothing about?.....if theres no real reason to kill them then they might as well all just be hamsters because it just dont matter.

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    I know this is probably going to come off as whining to some, but that's not my intention.
    I've been on and off playing since launch, and I admit I never gave much time to combat practice. I log on today to check things out, two revs sprint at me, kill me within 2 seconds and make off with everything except my knee pads. Very useful if they understood begging for mercy. ;P
    It just makes me wonder about new players to the game when, hopefully, there are some. Are they going to log on and be instantly killed? Repeatedly? That might put a few people off.

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    Motlee i understand what your saying but you have no idea how many time i try and tell the new people if there getting killed they need to A.join a tribe for protection B.train up combat and trade for good gear but they never do they just keep going on and on about how its BS they get killed.And tbh animals and revs have been made so easy us vets yawn while we kill them heck it takes 8 plus revs to even get me a lil in trouble and thats even after the stat nerf.Its really not that hard to train up and not long to do it so if they dont want to put in a lil time then oh well its there problem.

    We had a tribe member Dingse who was a new player and within 2 weeks maybe 3 dude was giving me a launch vet problems and was coming close to getting me sometimes......they just dont do it and its one thing i never understood

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    Oh I understand the need to train combat skills and all. This is not a 'jump right in and try stuff out for yourself' type of game anymore. I never trained combat because I didn't have to, and because I played so infrequently building a wall was the highlight of my day. lol Now I have to, or quit I suppose.

    Like I said before, all this does is add yet another way that newbies rely heavily on veterans. This is not a theme that should be present in an apocalyptic survival sandbox.
    This thought crossed my mind, though I won't agree that it should never be present. Finding people to teach you how to survive would, realistically, be part of an actual apocalypse. However, it does reduce the number of styles of game-play you could previously take part it. Can a new player start out on their own and make it on their own? Probably not at this point. And, due to the small population, whatever veterans are willing and available for 'noob-support' could become gods in short order if they so choose.

    ETA -- This type of discussion probably doesn't belong in the patch opinions thread. Sorry!

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    Rev AI is crap, rabid small animals back attacking in hoards...

    I have a Dead Tribe I can see in the distance from my area, theres a single Rev over there. I can watch it agro me from a 20 second walk away, Mind It agro's me standing in my tribe behind walls through trees... IT does not stay on its Tribe area or totem. I watch it patrol my Tribe area unprovoked...

    IT also runs completely around my tribe to find a near vertical dirt wall to run up and beats me standing at my totem... When I say near vertical its 2 1/2 stories tall dirt wall...

    I walk out the side of my tribe in view of this other tribe, still on my tribal lands and it takes off running at me. IT IS NOT CLOSE IN THE SLIGHTEST I can set a stop watch at 15 -20 seconds before he gets to me...

    Even if I walk into my tribe and shut the gates he paths through the recently shut gate and beats on me...

    If they are dead tribe associated they should be leashed to the Dead Tribes borders unless attacked plain and simple...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordadamar View Post
    If they are dead tribe associated they should be leashed to the Dead Tribes borders unless attacked plain and simple...
    I agree with this, would solve a lot of "new players" problems.

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    Please keep this thread to detailed Feedback only.
    No discussions are required.

    The previous posts that were discussions have been moved here...

    Thank you.

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