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Thread: crafting tools

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    crafting tools

    Hi all

    As I see many players have been asking for more crafting tools and yes it's easy to craft with all the tools you need but don't forget this sentence from craft section in features list.

    "Craftsmen depend on tools and supplies from other craftsmen."

    Right now it's a little difficult to craft everything you need but when tribes are set up and different players have different skills in a tribe it will be easier to complete armor and other stuff.

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    Re:crafting tools

    Yes, but explain one thing...
    Basketry needs an Awl tool for some of his recipes but it is not a default tool. However, bonecrafter has it. So to get this tool for basketry you need to create bonecrafter and bypass Awl with someone else... It seems to me like unnecessary action...

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    Re:crafting tools


    As I see you don't need to create a bonecraft in fact you will have only one charater per account.Right now you can do this trick having an alt because in this state of the game we can have three characters.

    Later a bonecraft player in your tribe can give you his awl to complete your armor.

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    Re:crafting tools

    Or you can find one, buy one from someone else or even have a tool crafter make you an Awl of your very own!

    Crafting skills will be able to be learned from other players or learned from books you find.

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    Re:crafting tools

    My question is how is the inspiration part going to work? Is it going to be a regular occurrence or will learning new blue prints basically be a minuscule event that only happens every once in a great while?

    And also what about those odd high end tools that you can't quite seem to get a hold of? Any way to find someone that makes it or even find high level tools out in the wilds?

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