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    Healing Skill Next Round???

    I would really like to know why we have healing in the next round instead of this one while death penalties is being done this one.Is it just me or does that make zero sense what so ever. This is something that should have been long ago to start with and now with harder animals and revs all over the place we get penalties for death before we can even heal?.....Plus with all the fighting im pretty much over watching my toon lay on the ground all day. 30 secs of fun then 2 mins realizing its not worth it. Please put healing up on your list I think its just silly to have it in before death penalties I think you all really over looked healing and how much it would do for players and the game.

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    I couldn't agree more. Laying around all the time after every single encounter is horrible. Not to mention while you laying down something else might sneak up on you to finish you off. I used to wander around all over, now I find myself not wandering far from the safety of my tribes walls for when I need to recoup health.

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    Death penalty before the ability to heal? Really bad plan.

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    There are always opinions about the order of things to be implemented in a game but in this case I really support Unclean's post.

    The healing skill or another way to boost healing after a fight is much needed at this point with all the revenants and animals. Don't get me wrong here and think I don't like the revs/animals, cuz I do. Its just that the long period of time you spend on your back is... too long. So if you have any way of changing priorities, please do that.


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    Yes, I will likely bump this up to this current round. The order of what we do is partially dicatated by what has been already partially implemented and waiting to be wrapped up for a long time.

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    Yes, pls add healing asap , there is way too much down time healing up after a fight.
    Also pls make stamina drain only when we sprint or climb and swim, not for just walking on the road.

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    I just wanted to say that having a healing would be great so thanks for putting it high on your priority list. I would also like to know if the death penalty in the form of loosing skills points or stats is really necessary. I know that people abuse the death now and use it as a quick way to get back to their totem but having the death reduce stats and/or skills that take so much time to gain might be too harsh of a penalty. The game should encourage people to get into fighting whether animals/revenants or other players and not the other way around. I can see many people not trying to fight or even quitting the game because of it. Maybe instead of a lowering stats and/or skills the person dying should drop everything that they are carrying on the ground and they should appear naked at their totem. This way people who died in the fight will only loose what they are prepared to loose and people who want to abuse the system and use death as a quick way to transport stuff over the long distances will not be able to use it anymore. Just a thought.

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    Dropping everything sounds like a much better plan. Let's be honest with the current player population vs the animal and rev population it is quite easy to die for a lot of us. Kill a rev only to have that coyote behind the trees jump out and eat you as your trying to recover etc etc

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    dropping maybe a bin and pouches maybe but dropping all my gear as well.....i would rather have a slight stat lose. I think it wouldent be to bad to lose an 0.1 ect but tbh im not really a fan of any kind of perma lose from death on games. Revs will already loot you players will maybe loot you....thats allready lose on top of loosing the fight.I just dont see how it improves any game to have perma lose. I would be more inclined to a timer type lose like an hour or two debuff or something along that line.

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