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Thread: Hello - Goodbye

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    Hello - Goodbye

    I cancelled my sub today...think I'll write a song .

    I just have a few things to say, and what I say will really not make a dif, but just feel I should say them, incase others identify.

    This game is visionary - but somewhere along the road it lost its way. And no, it wasn't the players' fault....I'm positive of that, because I've played with and I've met some awesome gamers and very very dedicated nice people. We didn't all have the same expectations of the game, we looked at it differently like people do. We had different hopes & some of the same hopes and ideas.....dozens and dozens of ideas of what makes a game fun, what makes a game work.

    So back to a bit of history....

    I accidently ended up the head of a tribe, the first month after launch.. The Xyson Mercenaries. Now ...that was interesting since I'm just a fun/good time girl. I prefer to just play games not work....and believe me ..heading a tribe on Xsyon sometimes felt like a full time job. Being an A type personality I perserverd. OMG....did I persevere. I trained new players, added them to the tribe hoping they'd stick....heh. I gotta tell few stuck and I lost count and can't even remember the majority...yuck!

    Well anyway....long story short, I quit playing a little over a month ago....after the last recruitment/training/trying as hard as I could with seasoned gamers just joining and looking for a new sandbox. They put their money down and tried it, and they ran thru it like seasoned gamers do and went, well that was fun for about 3 weeks. And after orienting/training my 15th round of new players.....I was just frickin' worn out.

    I've thought long and hard how I wanted to leave the game and abandon the Xsyon Mercenaries' tribe.
    1) I could log on and gather the most valuable resources located on the tribe area (10ks of chrome, silver, titatium etc. nails screws bolts,saws blades, shovels - 30/40 carts...Xmas/Halloween costumes, special event winnings etc...on and on - I can't remember it all)
    2) or put the majority of it on my character and log out on the chance I might return someday.

    I decided tonight - I'm leaving it all. I hope there are active account/gamers that will find some fun & joy in getting these items....and when you do, raise a glass to the fabulous members of the Xsyon Mercenaries who won/gathered them.....raise a glass to Luthais my bestest Scotsman friend, Andrew - the undead fishboy, Krimara, Mevos, Alik, Malcolm the Odd, Hartley, Lateralus, Dagney, Qwerty, Doc...just to name a few.....and then....go, now who the hell was China? Well she wasn't much...really.

    In closing, I'd like to say thank you to some others that did add enjoyment to the game for me and were very fun to get know and play with.

    Mac/Laughing Oak - A great guy!
    Loki, the other lovely female gamer
    Fatboy...omg...what a trip
    Severn...a girl's best friend
    Deacon - one of the bestest funny guy
    Unclean/Dang :P - just loved his grumpy ass
    DDT - a great nemisis....he cared and made it so fun to have someone to hate and help inspire the Mercs - xD
    Guide Mihr...just loverly, what can I say

    There are many more, and I do remember you all, and I thank you for playing with me....cuz

    I just like me some gamin'

    So long,


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    I understand your feelings China, I hate to see you go, along with your tribe, but I understand, and myself have made the choice to leave for now. Hopefully we will run into each other again in another game.

    Good luck in your search and remember its only a game!

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    While I have never heard of you or your tribe I wish you the best. Take Care

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    Xsyon Citizen joexxxz's Avatar
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    Please come back in one year! I hope you do

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    Raven Moon will Miss You!

    You were always a great friend to our tribe, China. I hope you return some day.
    ~~~Riverspirit~~~ Raven Moon Spirit Guide

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    Howdy China!

    You know my friend, I truly feel your anguish. And frustrations.

    We both tried so hard to build up our areas and make a lasting mark on this world, but alas without other players our dreams were bound to fail, since it takes a village to build a village.

    I'm going to piddle around here for a bit and clean up our area and maybe finish the castle plan and if things don't change permakill all buildings and Oak.

    anyway. I wish you well wherever you go and want you to know YOU were my kind of player!

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    A sad time indeed. I remember moving logs for you and Andrew (before carts) to get my collars and shoes made, as well as my first set of masterfull crafted weapons. You will be missed, and your tribe mates as well. Hope you find that game you're looking for.

    bummed out
    The truth will set you free....but first it will realy piss you off !!

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    Sorry to hear China, I hope you find some renewed interest later and come back. Raven Moon will certainly miss you as you have been good friends and allies. Good luck in whatever you choose.

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    Hello China,

    Somehow I missed this post till today, I've been busy as always

    We will miss you of course, we had a very good and fun times together ingame, chatting a lot , having fun in events,etc I would like to say thanks to you, and your tribes mates ,specially to Andrew for the great help reporting those very critical bug exploits he used to find and tell us. My best wishes for everyone.

    Good luck in your new adventures in whatever game you chose.

    I would like to say thank you also to all the players actives or inactives that helped and are helping to make the game better everytime with their support.
    Community Manager


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    I will miss u too China. I am back now. Hope u come back

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