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    Xsyon still has so much potential

    Best of luck to you NG. Your game is still the most highly customized for player city/town/village building. As long as some other game doesn't add that aspect into their game, including all the things this game is missing (I simply think you lack the funds and devs to make much progress. Such as it would take NG 100 times longer to do a task that Blizzard could do) then I think this game has a chance of recovering one day.

    Aside from time and competition of other games, this game still has the most potential of any current released game (imo)

    If I could ever afford to invest into a "2.0" or relaunch of this game, I would. At the very least add a fresh 2nd server, of course do not wipe the original server. I'm sure you would need at least a million to even make it worth it (mostly to pay devs and market the game to have enough players to make it both fun and successful)

    I'm sure not many people realize this but you can turn $500 into $10 million in less than a year by trading currencies at a very high risk (such as, 10 losses in a row could wipe out 30-40% of your account).

    I am going to put aside $500 and try and do this to invest in an MMO. Either Xsyon or Embers of Caerus. Probably both, if I can. I've easily spent over $500 on Xsyon already anyway, probably closer to $1000 than $500. I had three accounts for quite a long time.


    Can anyone tell me what $500 x 1.05^240 is??

    That's right, $60 million. 240 represents the amount of business days in a year (not including holidays). 1.05 represents in a 5% interest per day (gains from currency exchange rate fluctuation).

    Just thought I would share my plan and try and help motivate the devs to keep going! By the way, I've already got 34 days down. It won't happen in a year, because not everyday will be a 5% gain. But theoretically it can of course if the trader is just that good.

    If I lose 5% in a day instead of make 5%, I subtract 1 day and its back to 33 days. Then if I win 5% the next day its back to 34 days. If I win again its 35 days. I treat it like digging a hole for treasure, sometimes the hole will fill up a little bit from dirt on the sides of the hole caving in, but eventually you will reach the treasure (240 days).

    Don't believe me? Just do the math yourself. $500, $525, $551, $578, $607, $638, $670, $703, $738, $775, $814, $855, $898, $942, $989, $1039.... x 1.05...

    I hope to be back playing this game one day, I really really love building cities in this game. Hell if I could afford it I would buy the rights to this game and hire my own team to finish the game, if you lacked the enthusiasm or drive to keep going. That's how much I believe in it!

    Good luck NG.


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    I like your spirit, I love building, not interested in 24/7 pvp, but I do like to pvp on my own terms.
    Good luck Xsyon, and wish you success.

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    This game does still have more potential than most all I have looked at.. It honestly is the game type I am looking for. That being said, I fear for the game if there are not some positive and fullfilling advances very soon. The problem with getting a large publisher to back this type game is since its not the cookie cutter FOTM type game they will want to make changes.

    I have 2 accounts and i'm back for a few months at least since totem decay finally gives the opportunity for me to move to a new area and start fresh. I have always kept one account running to stop in from time to time, but things are so slow in the making.

    Things like not being able to minimize from full screen mode, that should have been addressed long ago. Its an issue in the sound in the game fyi should u ever get the urge to look into it.

    Keep the faith guys, you have a good ground game here.. we all cry and complain but we are here because of the sheer potential and charm of the game.

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    Hello Jalisar,

    The issue with crashing while using Alt-Tab should now be fixed.
    Are you still crashing or locking up when you Alt-Tab? If so, please email it to our Bugs email address, with any crash logs and any further details you may have.

    Thank you.

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    Was still crashing as of yesterday.

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