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    Returning to Xyson, this time looking for a tribe!

    It's been almost a year since i last played Xyson. i am a big fan of sandbox games and looking to give Xyson another go. I got frustrated with my last play through trying to solo early on only to find certain items required to make even basic tools was unobtainable without help from other players, and i did not take the time to join a tribe. This time i do want to join an active tribe to get most out of the game.

    I've played Wurm online for about a year, so i'm familiar with these styles of games. I just didn't give Xyson a good chance last time. I've also tasted Mortal online but found bugs to be ridiculously high. I've also been following other sandboxes like The Repopulation and always looking for one that i can really click with. Biggest reason i left wurm online was due to my village falling apart. owner basically didn't log on anymore then decided to try other games.

    If anyone is interested in having a newb to Xyson join their tribe. I'd love some help getting a grasp on game and in return should be able to offer some cheap labor in return! One thing i did in wurm was help pave this huge road down a huge mountain for like months on end... so yea i can be dedicated with little motivation.

    EDIT: Just like to add. i'm willing to join any tribe willing to help. but i'd like one who is more about helping others rather then pure brutal PVP. I also would like one who is young, which i can feel like i can really help make the tribe grow, if i join one been around and is well established then i might feel like i'm not contributing anything useful. Then again maybe i'm wrong.

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    Hi Zengrath

    Wohitika has maybe 1 slot available for new recruits. We have been around for roughly 3-4 months but all the original members aren't playing anymore. So we have reorganized and tore EVERYTHING down. We are building fresh and new. We could use your help in growing and succeeding.

    At this time we aren't very pvp oriented. It may change with the proper community drive - but I primary focus is crafts and stimulating trade as best we can.

    If you would like to join - you can whisper - Jorgen, Hartley, Hogitha, Donar, Wulfgang.

    If you have any questions we are available for that as well.

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    Sounds good. I'll keep and eye out for you guys in-game. My in-game name is Zengrath

    Added after 4 Hours 4 minutes:

    Hey Donar. i'm in tribe now in-game. was helping out with scavenging but seems servers went down. Anyway let me know if we have alternative communication methods out-side game. Steam group? Vent? Teamspeak? Skype? whatever you guys use let me know.

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