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    My thoughts on undead

    I have tried for a few hours today to see what the update is like. There are remnants everywhere and they can kill me in around 4 hits or so. They are doing around double my level of damage. I have not done much fighting in the game so therefore I am easily killed. I am finding this very frustrating and feel I cant play this game in its current state. I do not think the level of the undead needs to be lowered however I feel some kind of healing system needs to be put in place. Eating and then sleeping is a very painful way to regen health. It takes several minutes after just a few seconds of trying to fight them.

    I would love to hear what others think especially non fighting characters like mine!! I am doing around 7 or 8 damage per hit. What would be the best way to raise this?


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    With higher skills and top tier weapons you will do from 12-20 depending on the weapon and your strength.

    There is the option of getting good at avoiding getting hit. If you time it right you can avoid most of their hits.

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    my character couldn't handle them. I got as "combat prepped" as possible before they went live, and I still couldn't kill one. I bought a second account and rolled a combat toon, decked him out in deerbone, ground out picks like mad, and now I can kill three of the average ones before I have to rest and heal up. They are brutal on crafters, though...kinda sucks that I needed to have a second account to have a chance at playing the game during this phase of abandonment.

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    I have a pretty "average" toon, with only 40 in clubs and 60 in armed combat. I do 10-12 per hit and I can kill 1 or 2 of them if I dont dodge. If I time the Revs attacks I can kill 5 or more one at a time by just avoiding their attacks. And I would not consider my character a combat toon in the slightest.

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    The healing is the most brutal part of all of patch.Some of us that have combat toons already knew how bad we need healing and now its really starting to show just how much.I think its one of those things that really makes the game look and feel so incomlete even more so to new players.

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    The game has become unbalanced with the culmination of changes all because two or three poeple moaned animals etc. were too easy. The problem was those people had high fortitude etc. because they had maxed many skills to 100. Not everyone wants to grind and now with the changes to skills you can't anyway. So what's wrong...
    a.) they wanted us to move away from our tribes areas so we do so for scav etc.
    b.) they increased the numbers and speed of growth of animals (they are now also much more aggressive and agro from long distances)
    c.) we have a death port back to camp due to them not getting the mechanics correct and it being exploited
    d.) tall revs have a stupid reach advantage (even saw one with a fishing pole as a weap doing as much damage as me from long range and I couldn't hit him)
    e.) revs agro from a seriously stupid range making it difficult to pick off revs off by themselves
    f.) revs getting in 2 hits sometimes 3 to 1
    Now while some may have mastered parry and dodge etc and rarely get hit (I doubt that somehow) the most annoying thing is that unless you're in the top 4 or 5 players, some revs are just impossible to kill and if you get jumped by an animal or a bunch of revs you're pretty much dead every time. Revs will at least stop chasing (some are stupidly fast) but animals tend not to. Add to that the death port and you forever have to walk a long distance to get back to your cart. At the very least the option to spawn where you died is now way overdue with them just fixing the mechanics that caused the change because otherwise people may as well now stay by thier camps and not explore. It's just gotten silly as a result of a culmination of changes over time. I have no problems with animals and revs being really tough but the agro's and the death port make it pointless to explore now to find revs to loot or animals to kill because you have to take a cart due to weight and you end up back at your camp if you get killed. Having walkd back to my cart from camp more than a few times today, I'm done with it. I don't want to spend my time walking across the map. Nothing gets fixed in this game and seriously they don't play the game because it's just not worth the time having to walk a long way because you get jumped by two coyotes with really high fortitude that run faster than you and don't stop chasing. Yes people could say go out in pairs or stay near your camp but then with the scav changes you can't do that either. Until the death port nonsense is changed, I think I'm done with the game and I think I'll unsub my two accounts. Don't get me wrong revs really improved things but it's too easy to just go after revs that are < 150 health all the time and I don't want to be penalised for trying to improve my combat on my chrs by having been ported home each time I fail to kill a high level rev.

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    Im not sure what your end point/how to resolve it was in all that.It sounds like a rage quit tbh.

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    I hope when i come back (in 1-2 days), i respawn in my old tribe (if the tribe is still here), there was not so many zombies. I really excited, what is waiting for me and how can i manage this (hope my english is not toooo bad

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    Neo if i remeber correct your tribe whas in zone 781 next to the river.
    if thats so your tribe land is already clean and in use by sombody els.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyI10 View Post
    The game has become unbalanced with the culmination of changes all because two or three people moaned animals etc. were too easy. The problem was those people had high fortitude etc. because they had maxed many skills to 100.
    Well I disagree with you here Andy. I have been playing for about a year and my fortitude is 92.5 because like many players I respect when the stat changes came in which only allowed a max of 90 in any one stat. I don't grind either, never have and never will. I play the game the way it is and level as I go which is why I don't get bored like some players.

    If you play smart it's not that difficult, however trying to solo in a game that you do not understand all the mechanics can be very difficult if not frustrating. I could make you a set of gear and show you a couple techniques that would make taking on Revenants pretty easy. Like simply keeping your energy above 75% at all times that way you can if needed run out of agro range of just about any pursuing mob.

    I have brand new players in tribe who can go out and hunt Revenants. I'm not saying it's easy because it shouldn't be, it should take some technique, best gear you can get your hands on and it should still be a challenge. If it's not a challenge then what's the point? This is a survival game after all.

    My suggestion would be rather than quit, join an established tribe until you can get on your feet a little, then if you decide to move on and homestead you will have the tools and experience to be a solo player, or a future tribe leader
    We've been having a lot of fun raiding old tribes lately and We'd be happy to help you out if you need anything.

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