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    Wir suchen noch Leute, die gerne scavangen wollen und einen Sinn für Ordnung im Lager haben

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    now we reached 72 members and looking for our new project more players!
    Each new player have her own house in our epic project!
    Architect Menion Leah have designed a big house complex and each house have a own garden for farming!

    Greetings Whorlok

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    We are playing on the PVP Server and recruiting is again open!
    The Last week our Clan have 4 new Worker and Warrior recruited!

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    push it..we are active at pvp with 9 man

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    Für das Farming und Cooking suchen wir weitere Member!..Leider können wir nun nicht mehr alle Berufe ausführen!
    Es sind zu viele um in allen ein Meister zu sein.
    For the farming and cooking we need more Member!We can not more handle this occupations! there now to many!
    Yesterday we have filled our stock with new Tools and our Forest is new plant with highend trees.Next we need many new resources and Menion is building again on our Castle


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    ABT News 23.08.2014:

    we are now working on a 200 meter Long Arena in the fifth floor and then we build in the 1/2/3/4 housing for all the members of our tribe.each member have a house with 8x4 size and the officer 8x8 size
    we have 60 member houses and 6 officer houses...but...the work of this Monument Needs many time!
    we have planned for this gigantic house 5-6 months and 100000 resources

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    to the early Access start A BETTER TOMORROW we are Recruiting new worker and soldier for the fight against the enemys!
    We are playing on the PVP Server and have one of the greatest Citys in game!
    Our crafter are highend and we are searching new crafter

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    wörterbuch zu weihnachten!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwnuts View Post
    wörterbuch zu weihnachten!
    ist ein Bayerisches Englisch ..

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    da hilft auch kein wörterbuch...

    meld dich mal bitte bei mir aufn "PVE" server. hb ein lokratives angebot für dich

    Pean oder Pwn

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