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    Help with my character build!!

    So I tweaked my stats a bit to help improve my combat. From looking at info on the website for the combat i do (pick/axe melee) I need to add points to strength and dex. My current stats are...

    str - 73.9/70.7
    For - 83.1/81.1
    Agi - 51.9/49.9
    Dex- 77.3/75.3
    Int- 69.6/67.6
    Spi- 53.7/51.7
    Per- 72.8/69.8
    Charm- 52.4/50.4

    My aim is to still have a character who can mainly be a toolcrafter, bonecraft and architecture guy. Of those three archi is the least important i just need that a bit cos i am a solo player right now and need to be able to build up a homestead. I also want stats that make my scavenging skills decent. Now, the kicker is i am trying to now make my stats improve my combat enough to better fight off the undead. Yesterday, I worked out that agility was the one thing that is not primarily needed in any of my crafts etc so i took points from there and re allocated to strength and dex. I believed this would help balance my stats better for combat. I am aware that high dex is desirable for a high level fighter character but i believe for my kind of character it would be ok to sacrifice. I would now be grateful for any advice from more experienced players who could give me further guidance with my stats. I am also aware that my axe is only 30, picks 15 and armed 30. I need to practice combat to get these up too to help my hitting ability.

    Sorry for the bloated post but would be grateful for any help to improve my enjoyment of the game with the undead I literally never did any combat before!!

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    STR, FOR, AGI all have major effects on combat and everyday playing.

    STR effects not only damage you do (2 STR = 1%+ damage) but it brings up your carrying weight. More you can carry the longer you can last running, and doing tasks.

    FOR effects your HP, and it greatly effects your energy pool. More FOR means you can do actions longer, running, and combat.

    AGI effects your attack speed (how long it takes to charge, and how many attacks per second) it also greatly effects your base movement speed. (As does running skill).

    So depending on your crafting, you will want to choose a good mix of how good you want each one of these, of course higher the better for combat in all but you cant have them all. My toon's main focus is on AGI, and STR. I didnt really bring up FOR all that much. Mostly because of how they fit into crafting and resource gathering skills.
    Dang on the other hand focused mostly FOR and STR. Due to our playstyles he likes the extra HP and really loves the extra energy pool.

    DEX has ZERO effect on combat. It will not do anything for you in combat what so ever. So if you dont need dex you can drop all those points. Even though it will be trained with some of the weapon skills it is NOT needed and will not effect your combat even if you had DEX at 0. DEX also has no everyday useful bonus. Meaning it doesnt help you move faster, or hold more or anything.

    Now using this guide. (Because the Manual is still not updated) [Thanks Amitola for all the work you did here really helps]

    You can see that your main focus: Toolcrafting, Bonecrafting, Architecture you will want these main stats.

    INT (Toolcrafting, and Architecture)
    FOR (Bonecrafting)

    So as you can see you should have INT and FOR your highest stats. Lucky FOR is also a good combat stat, so I would work on bringing that up to as high as you can.
    Another thing is that INT is really not all that important in making Architecture NOR Toolcrafting. Why do I say this? Well bonuses do not work on tools or architecture. Unlike armor. You want the highest stats for anything dealing with armor (and I would assume weaponcrafting once the stats are working) as none of the bonuses on tools effect anything only the QL and the TYPE of tool itself.

    So I would leave your INT at where its at (just FYI only the right number matters the left is based on your tribe bonus, and armor effects)

    Now you talked about Scav being important but not a main focus, well Scav uses CHA as its main stat, and FOR as its seconday. Lucky you already have FOR as your main stat so, you should bring CHA up. CHA will also help you in Bonecrafting but only 25% of its effect compared to FOR.

    If I were you I would drop all SPI, PER and DEX. None of those are needed with what you are doing. Which would free up a ton of points for you, also making you pretty good at the crafts you want and combat.

    If you dropped SPI down to like 20, PER down to 20, and DEX down to 20, it would free up 136 points. Which will allow you to easy have 90 CHA, 90 STR, 90 FOR, 90 AGI, 70 INT.

    Now for weapons any weapon other than Blades would work fine in your build.
    Parry also would be a great skill for you to use in training as it trains up INT.

    As a side not Masonry would work perfect for a 3rd craft as it uses the same stats as Bonecrafting, and works well with Architecture.

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    Thanks :)

    Wow wasn't expecting to get such a precise and detailed answer, i really appreciate the time you took to explain this so clearly. My previous decisions were based on a skill checklist I found on the forums!! It was just a graphic with stats ticked for each craft etc.

    Its also a good job they let you re-stat your character 3 times!

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge


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    Wow - MrDDT that was really a very elaborate answer and also cleared up alot of details for me as well. Thank you very much!
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