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    Hello all! from Judd

    Hello everyone! Just started playing today.... Hope this is just the game I am looking for.

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    Welcome to Judd. Have fun and a great time with us
    GERMAN KINGDOM in 979 - Player: Napoleon

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    Xsyon Citizen joexxxz's Avatar
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    Welcome. !!! I think it is the game for you. Cuz I like playing this game

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    Welcome Survivor!

    I'm sure this is the game for you! Looking forward to seeing you in-game.

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    Welcome to Xsyon, Judd!

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    welcome Judd. If you are in need of a saw some day wisper me in game and you will get one for free.

    gr. Snakepit

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    Tirol, Austria
    Welcome Judd !! Have Fun , if u need help , feel free to ask. We are all very helpful

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