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    problems with revenant

    Well, i back to xsyon 2 days ago, after 2 day trying to find a good place for put my totens i found ( i wasted 2 day, becouse every time i died for revenant, deer, bear, hamster, dogs and all type of animal, only a cat not kill me), so i put my totens but still has a lot of revenant so are impossible to keep playing becouse every time i die, and when i rez i died again, so after i call for help in chat 2 guys are came to help me so they clean my tribe and everything was fine, but after a time the revenant are back and now is impossible keep playing i try send a msg for guide I believe that no one was online, so i want know what i need do becouse my char is a crafter so is impossible to me kill then, and that way is impossible player.

    obs. sorry for my bad english, english is not my first language

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    Sorry Shinji, I thought we had those Revenants gone. The only thing I can suggest is to find another location. I would invite you to come set up near our location since we have few (currently no animals) and few Revenants anywhere near us. We just set up another player near us. Send me a message if we can help, I will check messages in the morning.

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    The revenants return but after a while back, or deceive myself there. As long as the Tribes are not abandoned because the problem will unfortunately continue to exist. So you can actually just try to find another place for you.

    I hope the translator has translated it for granted.
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    Wow - did you use google translate for that ?

    I think you meant (cross translated your english text back to german ... funny ) :
    The revenants will return after a while or am I wrong here? As long as all the tribes near your place are not abandoned this problem will unfortunately persits. You can only try to find another more suitable place.

    I hope the translator has translated this understandable. (no the translator did a very bad job)

    @sh1nji: Revenants and animals are a some problem now for newbees, but acctually it is better then at the start - when no animals were around ... Hope you will find some help or atleast a safe place somewhere! - My best advice is - move closer to a region where an active tribe is, train up - and then move somewhere else
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    Yes Google. I know this is not great.
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    hey guys, thank so much for information. my problem in change my tribe is that im bad with terraforming and that area where i put my toten is plane

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    Well if you change your mind I know of several camps near us that are very nice. One is close by in 737, one in 736, another in 735 and I think there are a few spots south of us in 696 near Lake Aloha. Most have nice protection built and are ready to be occupied. We would have to clear some Revenants but we are close by so that would not be difficult. Besides, we are building the City of Raven Moon and we need other communities near by for trade and neighbors

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    Well Willowhawk, thank for yesterday and I think I'll accept your suggestion, when server back can you show me these camps???

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    Yeah as long as you dont go to far East in 736 its not bad. There is a really good spot next to my totem, which probably has started to decay.

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    The problem you have is because a lot of totems dropped last week leaving players to guess where the original tribe was....

    Steps that need to be taken to fix your problem..

    1. Try to locate where the original tribe totem was.
    2. Move your totem to cover where original tribe totem was. ( doesnt have to be on the same exact spot just be covered by your tribe area )
    3. Find some people in your area to help clear revs. ( if revs come back you did not cover the original totem location )

    This is one of the problems with Totem decay system, you can literally miss covering old totem location by 1 meter and revs will return. Just rinse and repeat if the do move your totem. Revs will respawn close to the original totem location so this will give you an idea of how far you were off...

    The length of time it needs to cover the old totem area is unclear, But I can tell you I have done this a few times left it overnight and move the totem where I wanted it....

    It only feels like there spawning in your tribe because you probably missed cover the old totem by a few meters, And revs will spawn within 10 meters of there old totem.

    Hope this helps

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