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    Already Logged In?!

    I tried logging in just then to see if the server was still down (can't be bothered checking the server site, as sometimes I don't trust them).

    When I input my pass and clicked Enter it came back with a message saying "Already Logged In" and that I couldn't log in BECAUSE of this.

    I can definately assure you I myself am not already logged in. I doubt anyone would know my password from guess as I used a random I have never done before for this.

    Any ideas guys?

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    Re:Already Logged In?!

    Sounds to me like someone swiped your username/password...

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    Re:Already Logged In?!

    The server doesn't seem to log you out correctly after logging in sometimes.

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    Re:Already Logged In?!

    Right, so then is there a way I can be logged out correctly so I can then log back in correctly?

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    Re:Already Logged In?!

    k just happened again, was in game and got the message connection to server being disconnected, and now can't log back in again because I am already logged in.

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    Re:Already Logged In?!

    Aye, happened to me as well just then again.

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    Re:Already Logged In?!

    As I just explained to PsykieKILLA, this happens when the server goes down.

    From what I understand, when the server is taken down it simply closes its connection to the player but does not correctly log them out thus the "Already Logged In" message. However once the server comes back up, it realizes you are not online and allows you to log in again correctly.

    tl;dr It means the server is down.

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