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    Cool New To Xsyon, Looking for Friendly Tribe to Join

    Hi Guys,

    I'm only new, but I'm very keen to get involved in building up a tribe and contributing my time and efforts.

    Willing to reroll (considering <24 hours) in order to bring skills etc to a tribe, and to be closer from the start.

    Main interests are resource gathering, but happy to do whatever.

    If anyone is interested in a keen noob, please reply.

    EDIT : should mention i'm in Australia. So .... time zones might be off.



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    Hi Vanganza, we have a Kiwi who plays every day so you would have someone in your time zone. If interested send Lim, me, Riverspirit or Zed a whisper in game. You can also re-roll and chose Raven Moon as your start zone which might save you a lot of travel time and possible deaths lol.

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