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    The Holy War! - 2012-08-05

    Hello Survivors!

    Whorlok or Tribe 'GERMANIA' has seen it fit to put forward the following Event.
    This will be our latest Player Ran/Organised Event!

    The Gods of Xsyon have built many different Temples around the Xsyon Lands.
    But many of these are now in-festered with Revenants.

    These are powerful beings that defend these Temples and the Treasure that is contained within, you may keep what you Kill/Find!

    This coming Sunday (2012-08-04 12pm PST) The Gods ask for your help.
    Will you come to to the aid of these Gods and rid these sacred Temples from the Revenants?

    If you would like to participate please post the following details in this Thread, you will then be contacted this coming Sunday at 12pm PST by one of our Guides.

    Tribe Name:
    Tribe Members taking part:
    Are you Aligned with another Tribe? If so what Tribe?
    What Aligned Tribe Members are taking part?

    Few rules
    • PvP is allowed at all times.
    • There are to be no teleporting, you and your fellow Tribesmen will need to find your own way to the Temple locations.
    • If you die, there will be no teleporting back to the event.

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    Sounds Fun!

    Raven Moon is definitely interested but I won't know who can make it until I log on after work tonight.

    For now Riverspirit and I will participate, and most likely a few more. I will edit and add other names later.

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    This Event will be postponed until further notice.
    Introduction of further Event mechanics from the creator meant we need to re-think how we do the event.
    We will announce when we are ready to conduct the Event again.

    Thank you.

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    Tribe Name: Syndicate
    Tribe Members taking part: Donar, Hartley, (potential) Hogitha
    Are you Aligned with another Tribe? Yes
    If so what Tribe? Deadwood

    What Aligned Tribe Members are taking part? Neo_aus_Tirol

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