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    game information's wanted

    hello everybody. its true that i have to pay for the game without getting any freetime? i would never spend money till i can get a overview. its not a big deal to pay monthly for a mmorpg, but not without knowing what i gone buy.

    would be nice if someone can tell me if there is a possibility to creat a trial accound and if yes, how to do that?
    thanks anyway

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    Hello Peanuts,

    We don't currently have a Trial account/server setup right now.
    It is something that is planned, but we don't currently have an ETA.

    It terms of payment, you buy Xsyon (The Client) for $40 you then get 1 month free game time included.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Peanuts, It's not the same as trying the game, but St.Bob has a lot of videos that might help you decide. Some are a bit out of date and there has been many changes and additions to the game, but they can give you an idea about Xsyon.

    Here is a link to his videos on the forum.!

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