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    Want to Purchase.

    Yes, I have money on the card( I know thats the first thing thats going to pop into peoples head)

    I had to enter the info a few times because it kept saying that the address' didnt match from the info on the card to what I typed in. It was really picky but it finally went through and now it says the payment was denied. Did I enter it too many times and a block has happened? Also, would there be any issues with it being a debit card rather than a full fledged credit card? ( I didn't have any problems for the last 7 years using this card until today.)


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    The best thing to do is to contact support, they can assist you in any payment issues.
    Also, trying another payment method could be a resolve.

    Thank you.

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    Ok , went the other way with it by using Paypal instead of direct with the card. It was denied that way also so the funds I added might not have been posted yet. I'll simply have to wait, which is ok!

    Added after 7 Hours 20 minutes:

    Everything went through just fine. I just had to wait for the bank to post the deposit. Took them a while it did. Normally it is same day.

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