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    Are the Mutants Back?

    This 477 Hit point Beast strolled into tribe today and made quick work of me. But you know what they say about payback He is now a captured prisoner in our Arena holding cage awaiting future arena contests. Some lucky winner will get to take on this guy if we can keep him in his cage.

    Making himself comfortable after he lunched on me...

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    Awsome Im going to poke him with a stick after work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limuria View Post
    Awsome Im going to poke him with a stick after work!
    LOL Just don't walk up on the patio above the cage, he will eat you through the ceiling

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    Do animals despawn after they are stuck in the same area for a length of time?
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    Yes they do, they "teleport" home.
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    haha that is an awesome looking creature!

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