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    The trouble with critters... that they can kill you very quickly, even bunnies or pesky 'coons. Shoot, you can be terraforming and lay down to rest, go to grab a drink from the fridge and come back to your dead because a rat killed you.

    They also seem to not only get past walls and doors, if you succeed in trapping them they will find a way to just walk out past the walls or doors.

    Once more there is a problem. It seems that animals ignore barriers.

    Why would you spend time building something complex, if it provides you no protection?

    Zombies at least stay close to their old totem, but animals can scale any mountain or get through walls.

    Is there anything in the works to address this?
    Is this how they are supposed to function?
    If this is to provide excitement,
    it really only serves to irritate anyone working to terraform or build,
    both big parts of the game play here.

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    Hello Mac,

    Animals can "teleport" to their home when they are trapped for some time. That would explain why they are not in the enclosed area at some point.

    They can follow you and cross a gate right behind you if they are close enough to you, but they shouldn't be seen crossing walls or gates.

    So if you have seen an animal crossing a wall or a closed gate (not being chasing you at a short distance) then there is a problem and I will need to check the place and try to reproduce it.

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    I think that Oak does not know that animals can nowadays climb *any* slope (no matter how steep it is).

    Oaks house is a special setup, where one of the walls is made of a dirt slope - the roof of that house ends right where the slope starts ...
    My best guess would be that the animals "fall" through the roof (I have seen that behaviour - live in action) and that they will also escape through the same gap.

    I know Oaks house quite well, and "miss-used" it sometimes to trap animals that would chase me - I would run over the roof, and animals would drop into the house, has their collition detection does not work on the roofs...

    This is no longer possible - first because they will just bite me through the roof, and secondly because they can now escape through the dirt wall again.

    However a guide should get in contact with Oak to check his special architecture setup.
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    After reading Jordi's latest answers, I think I need to clarify something...

    While I totally get the need to beef the animals up to allow them to actually grow up,
    it seems that ALL animals have been treated equal, and this really is a problem.

    Jordi says he gets conflicting feedback. That it probably very true. If you have a player that can solo most animals they will say they are still too easy. If you have a new player, they will tell you that a simple rat or rabbit can kill them very easily.

    Coyote's, bears and even deer should be able to grow and be very dangerous.

    However, to make simple normally small ground animals grow huge and have the ability to kill even vets only adds frustration not excitement. The idea to allow us to skin and harvest rats and bunnies is just silly in my opinion.

    These changes have not added any new players and have contributed to some leaving. Balance is all well and good, but even in the wilderness you should not have to worry about some pine martin killing you while you rest.

    I would think you could keep coyote, bear, and deer as is, and tone way down the other animals. Keep them from being skinned and you don't need to worry about them getting slaughtered wholesale.

    I'm a vet with many 100's and cannot kill the local fluffy ears before he kills me. Armor or no armor, using whatever weapons makes not real diff. I can out run him of course but he can hit me from a long way back as I run away, which just seems totally silly.

    All that being said, if this is the chosen method for building a sense of danger, wandering bands of revs makes more sense than an ankle biter being the most dreaded creature in the game.

    I'm just saying

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    yep oak we have been saying this for awhile that the small game should be easy even for a new guy to be able to handle and big main animals should be tough and not easy at all to solo and needs a couple of people to take down.

    But at least we got most small game to not aggro everyone....about a month or so ago new people where getting gang rapped by hamsters and rabbits so its a start.

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    Then lets keep saying it

    Not to nag but to provide the very feedback that Jordi needs.

    ( I am still not sure who is telling hime everything is ok )

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    I agree Mac, we need the small animals to be easy to kill for new players. We need bigger animals to be tough, but not make it impossible to hunt solo. I used to love hunting solo. Mutants with epic strength - sure, you need a group to take them on. And the animals have too much reach and they hit too fast. Two veteran players used to be able to take on a shadow bear if you were creative. With a supreme axe and master bone gear I should be able to take on a fair percentage of the animals out there. Not just hamsters. When we used to have nasty mutants and little animals and regular animals, it was a lot of fun. Everyone could go hunting if they were careful. Bring back some 26hp squirrels and hamsters and rats. Those little animals should be annoying, but easy to kill. New players have to be able to hunt. Hunting takes an insane amount of killing and skinning to level, so it has to be manageable. I don't know who was saying the animals were too tough, I was having fun, but I am not set up for combat, I am a crafter and I need the leather. I don't want to have to get my whole tribe together just to hunt. I enjoy our tribe hunting trips, but I also enjoy hunting on my own. Of course this is just my opinion. I fear that Xsyon is listening to a few loud individuals and not paying attention to the rest of the players. I strongly suggest you don't dive in to your advertising campaign with the way things are now. It isn't as fun as it used to be, and new players are getting run off very quickly because they can't do anything. It is just too difficult to deal with all the insanely overpowered critters out there. I just want to go hunting again
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mactavendish View Post
    Then lets keep saying it

    Not to nag but to provide the very feedback that Jordi needs.

    ( I am still not sure who is telling hime everything is ok )
    I agree, I'm not sure who is telling him either. Small animals should be non aggressive, lower HP, and live near the starting areas. Larger animals are fine right now (even still too strong for the current healing and combat options) and should be slightly aggressive and live a bit further out from the starting areas (around the lake). Mutants need to be put back into the game, leave them at the current (or the way they were when they were last in) strength and yield better rewards than other animals and be near the edges of the map.

    None of the animals IMO yield anything worthwhile and Revs yield nothing of any value. Something needs to be done about that also. I will be damned if I'm going to go take 5 people to kill a strong mutant animal having a few deaths to get 1 piece of leather that yields +2 STR to maybe 1 item of gear.

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    Lets just agree that it is broken currently and see what he does to fix it.

    So far NONE of "our" suggestions have been helpful to us personally or the game in general.

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    There will be different animal power by zones, we are working on this.

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